Unable to follow on entire app



As of ~20:45 1/12/15 we’ve been getting “Unable to follow more people at this time” (Error 161) app wide on all users (regardless of how many people they’ve followed or their follow ratio), unfollows, and all other endpoints are working fine!

Is that a blacklist on an app level?

(If this is off-topic here, then where is it not-off-topic??)


Apologies for flagging your previous post, I misunderstood and assumed this was a Twitter app question rather than an API question.

Has your app been doing a lot of follow or unfollows - note that there are best practices on this. Are the users able to follow or unfollow directly on the Twitter site?

If you’re concerned about a specific app then you can contact the platform support team via this form and they can look into it for you.


We haven’t done any abnormal behavior, and our app was reviewed by a Twitter engineers recently (and multiple times previously) and we haven’t been found in violation (when ever twitter requests us to limit/remove a feature which you deem aggressive/promotes aggressive following we remove it/fix it), so I don’t see any reason why this is happening!

We’re are well aware of the best practices, and aggressive following and churning, and we we’ve added this year our own limits to further prevent this.

So please advise how can we resolve this (and prevent it from happening again in the future if possible).


If there was an issue with your app which led to any kind of limitation of this kind, you would have received an email notice.

You’ll need to go via the support form I pointed at before in order to check further on this, as we can’t deal with individual app questions here. The form will let you provide further details about your app ID etc., so that the team can check on it. Thanks.


I did fill the form, but its from the application owner Twitter account (I have access to the Twitter account but not the email, and the owner is currently on board a plane), so can you helps us out speed up the process (or at least associate my account with the app)?

(I really appreciate your time to reply to my question)


I don’t have access to that level of personal data or the ability to switch application owners, so that’s why you need to use the form to reach the right team - I apologise for the inconvenience as I know this is not ideal.