Unable to filter tailored audiences by ids



I think this is feature request, I could not filter tailored audiences, like send tailored_audience_ids in

 GET accounts/:account_id/tailored_audiences

unless I am missing something? I know I could do individual calls via

GET accounts/:account_id/tailored_audiences/:id

but would be nice to filter them when fetching all.


I’m afraid I don’t understand how it relates to my question?


You are right, it’s not possible to filter tailored audiences using GET accounts/:account_id/tailored_audiences - I am guessing you’d like to get a subset of your tailored audiences without having to make multiple requests?

That’s a reasonable feature request, as far as I can tell - thanks for bringing it up. We will consider it accordingly and see how and if this fits with our future roadmap :slight_smile:


Thanks! There are other endpoints too, like mobile carriers, which don’t have handy FILTER_BY_IDS . Ability to fetch filtered collection via single call is really useful.