Unable to Embed Twitter Profile on page of AFPIMS DoDLive website



I am trying to embed a twitter profile for @NDUYPC into the new Young Professionals Community page (which I am almost finished with) on www.ndu.edu

When I go to “create widgets” in the settings, and then copy my html code and paste that into the Twitter Widget field on the module of my site, it comes up incorrectly. See image:

I did notice on an older part of our site, the twitter widget is working. The html code for that twitter field is longer, and includes something called a “data-widget-id” which I can’t seem to generate for the newer @NDUYPC widget request.

Anyone have a solution?


You should generate an HTML snippet from publish.twitter.com

The markup in your example includes what looks like modification to sample code on our developer site. It’s very possible your edits closed an element early.


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