Unable to edit access to account



Hi there,

I’m developing a series of scripts to pull ad insights from twitter. I’m an external consultant working for a client who already has a marketing agency handle their advertising campaigns.

I’m trying to get the marketing agency to grant me access to the ad accounts, however, they seem unable to be unable to access the “edit access to account” interface. On a test account i’ve set up, the interface on the main ads.twitter.com page has a set of three buttons, “Help?”, “{Account Name}”, “{Profile Pic}”. Clicking on the {account name} button causes a drop down menu to appear with an option for me to edit account access. It looks something like this:

However, the media agency seems to be unable to access this interface (Name blocked out in white). On their end, on the main page of ads.twitter.com, following the same steps, the drop down menu after clicking on {account name} looks like this:

I’m not quite sure why their interface is appearing like that. I would appreciate some assistance on this.