Unable to determine valid Funding Instruments




When a user has no valid funding instruments, the Twitter API returns the following:

{u'data': {u'able_to_fund': True,
  u'account_id': u'x',
  u'cancelled': False,
  u'created_at': u'2015-11-13T02:59:43Z',
  u'credit_limit_local_micro': 0,
  u'credit_remaining_local_micro': None,
  u'currency': u'JPY',
  u'deleted': False,
  u'description': u'(no payment method has been set up yet)',
  u'end_time': None,
  u'funded_amount_local_micro': 0,
  u'id': u'xj',
  u'io_header': None,
  u'paused': False,
  u'reasons_not_able_to_fund': [],
  u'start_time': u'2015-11-13T02:59:43Z',
  u'type': u'CREDIT_CARD',
  u'updated_at': u'2015-11-13T02:59:43Z'},
 u'data_type': u'funding_instrument',
 u'request': {u'params': {u'account_id': u'x',
   u'funding_instrument_id': u'y'}}}

How are we reliable able to determine that this funding instrument is valid if able_to_fund is set to true, and type is Credit Card? Do we have to use the description field? What does Twitter advise here?



Thanks for the question, @briandotjp. This post should provide some useful information. Please let us know if you need anything else.


@juanshishido thanks for your answer! This’ll help us a lot.


@briandotjp: The team is always glad to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any follow up questions. Thanks!