Unable to deep link ios app


I do not find any good tutorial how I could direct my user-posted tweets to my own iOS app (to be published).

I read about twitter cards but there is very less documentation available.

I made a sample card at: http://www.iphonegamezone.net/a.html

But the validator is not taking me beyond 1st screen where it says:

INFO:  Page fetched successfully
INFO:  7 metatags were found
INFO:  twitter:card = mytwittercard tag found
WARN:  Not whitelisted

I am quite surprised that for such a big thing like deep linking there is no documentation available by twitter. Or am I missing something very conspicuous?

On the contrary, facebook seems to have got it right in the first place.


It has perhaps got past whitelisting phase, because I updated my page. The question now is, what to do with this webpage - http://www.iphonegamezone.net/a.html

This is just half circle - I still don’t know how to post tweets from within my iOS app that would link to my own app.

Has the Twitter Card worked for anyone?

The most recent is:

Required meta tag: twitter:app:swift:name

And no, adding it doesn’t work.

zzzzzzzz…twitter support…


This error is a mistake on our side, apologies. We’ve determined that this occurs when twitter:app:id:xxx is specified incorrectly or refers to an app that is not available in the relevant app store. Try fixing this in your page and re-validating.

We’ll fix the documentation and examples to make all of this more clear.


Thanks @andypiper for the workaround. I got it around the validator, however the fact that the URL needs to be live seems to disappoint as I can’t integrate fully until my app is live. Off course I could use other app’s ID but this still leaves a lose end in the tests that happen after app launch.

Any thoughts?

I did some testing and so far it works taking me to relavent app store app (though not my own app as it is not live yet). The thing with this however is I need to post the URL which is visible in open. Is it that way all the time?
I use SLComposeViewController API and addURL function to do the same.