Unable to create Promotable Tweets via the Twitter Ads API



Dear Twitter Staff,

It seems that we have lost the ability to create Tweets for accounts that our main account has access to. For example, hyfn has access to eBay, but we re not able to create Promotable Tweets on behalf of eBay.

Here is the error message that we receive from the Twitter Ads API:

UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS: User 18919088 is not authorized to create tweets for user id 157467048

But for that account we clearly do have access:

{“user_id”=>18919088, “permissions”=>[“TWEET_COMPOSER”, “ACCOUNT_ADMIN”]}

Can you please advise on this issue? This is a pretty high priority issue, and we need to be able to create tweets through the API.


@jchoi @jillblaz


Thanks @rchoi.

@rchoi @jillblaz Any help or suggestions would be very helpful at this point. We are still unable to create Promoted Tweets for any of our clients via the Ads API.


Hi @msbukkuri -

Two questions for you:

  1. The User ID does not belong to eBay (or an eBay-related account, from what I can tell). Are you aware of this? I want to make sure we are looking at the right account here, though I see that you ought to be able to post on behalf of this other account as well.

  2. Were you trying to post promoted-only tweets?


@jillblaz Thank you for your response. This was an issue on our end. We had an incorrect way of fetching the user id. Thank you for your follow up - I appreciate it.