Unable to create application


Hi. I want to create an application but I’m getting an Error message:

We protect against potentially abusive behavior. Your request has been rejected for now. Please try again later or contact Platform Operations through https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform.

Can anybody give some insight here?


I had the same problem and afterwards I started getting the following message “Error Rate limit exceeded.


How long ago did it happen and did you have a solution for how to create the application after that?


No, I’m still looking for a solution, the worst part is that I need to create an app for a job interview, and I have 5 more days until the next interview in which I’ll have to present the app.


It sounds like you need to add a mobile number to your account. It’s ridiculous that they give those misleading error messages, but I had the same problem; the errors stopped once I added cell number and replied to their text.


Seems you are not the only one experiencing this issue, as there are other reports on another thread.
Maybe @andypiper can give any status about if Twitter is working on the issue already?


The Rate Limit Exceeded issue is being investigated - apologies for the inconvenience!