Unable to create an Application for a .directory TLD



I have a .directory tld and we are planning to use twitter oauth but I am unable to create an Application under MyApplications
Will twitter add .directory tld for OAuth


Hi, I’ll pass this new tld on to the team managing the list we need to add. Thanks for the report.


Hi @andypiper

I am having issue when I try to use third level subdomain, I notice that, when I use for example: http://gasparbelandria.com/twitter/callback.php I can get access token, and work perfectly.

But when I try with http://twitter.gasparbelandria.com/callback.php my code crashed, I am wondering if, http://subdomain.domain.com/callback.php is a invalid URL callback.


This is definitely a different issue to the one reported in this thread. What did you register as your callback URL on apps.twitter.com?


I did registered on apps.twitter.app http://dev.pangeaconnect.com/social/twitter/callback.php and I am getting: (Notice: Undefined index: oauth_token in /opt/lampp/htdocs/dev/social/twitter/twitteroauth/twitteroauth.php) but, same code and other domain like: gasparbelandria.com/twitter-pangea is working. I feel that I have TLD issue with my subdomain in first one url.

What you think?


I found that a possible solution could be, setup properly the server clock. I checked server clock and is wrong, but for any reason, we must not change that.


Any idea?