Unable to connect to statuses/retweets from 2 different apps, located on 2 different IPs?


I currently have a few websites each with their own associated twitter apps… A couple days ago they all stopped working and I have narrowed it down to 1 spot in the code. They are able to send tweets and perform other actions but when attempting to collect info from statuses/retweets they get stuck and the twitter api just hangs until my server times the connection out. No error code is returned from the twitter servers because no connection is established, it just hangs for 15+ minutes… This segment of the code has worked flawlessly for a couple years and now it suddenly is timing out causing the apps to fail. Here is the line of code from one of the apps which use the Epitwitter library. Any help would be appreciated!!

$twi_oauth->get_statusesRetweets(array(‘id’ => ‘ID_STRHEREINPRODUCTION’));