Unable to authorize/authenticate via web app


I’m attempting to build a extremely basic web app that allows a user to view own tweets and post tweets.

However I’m been stuck at oauth verification.

Docs I’m following:

I’m still trying things out in Postman at the moment. These’s a nifty feature in there that automatically constructs the Authorization header given my app secret and token.

The /oauth/request_token is successful, and I’m able to get a oauth_token and oauth_token_secret.

But I’ve been stuck at the next call
/oauth/authenticate (or /oauth/authorize ? What’s the difference ?). I’m sending a GET request to /oauth/authenticate?oauth_token=from_prev_response, with postman inserts the Authorize header.

The response returns a 403 status and HTML markup that says I’m missing a request token. What’s wrong?


For step 2, instead of you making a GET request, you should try just plugging that into your browser.

GET oauth / authenticate differs from GET oauth / authorize in that if the user has already granted the application permission, the redirect will occur without the user having to re-approve the application. To realize this behavior, you must enable the Use Sign in with Twitter setting on your application record.


Thanks! I finally managed to get an access token from browser sign in flow, but I’m hitting error 32, “Could not authenticate you.” when attempting to use the token to post a tweet.

Relevant Request headers

POST /1.1/statuses/update.json?status=HELLO%20WORLD%20api HTTP/1.1
Authorization: OAuth

What’s wrong with this request?


You actually have to generate the oauth_nonce, oauth_signature, and oauth_timestamp.

You can read more about this here:

Or you can try using twurl or Insomnia, both of which will generate these values for you.

You could also play around with https://twitteroauth.com/ to generate your signature.


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