Unable to add Funding Instrument


We got the access for Developer Ads API but we can not add funding instrument from API. When I tried it from Twitter Ads UI then it is asking for a permanent country . As we operate from India which is not listed there, So which country should I select ?


Hi @lucky8139,

Funding instruments can not be created via the API. Credit lines are established via Twitter account managers and credit cards are set up through the Twitter UI. See this doc on Funding Instruments for more info.

In this case, it appears Twitter does not currently support self-service advertising in your country. Reach out to your account manager/business contact, they should know the course of action to get your funding source set up.



I don’t know where else to ask, but would you mind telling me how to add a funding source or where I can find it?


You should be able to add funding sources via the ads.twitter.com UI.


Good day,

Thanks for your response. I’m referring to the attached photos. We can’t seem to find the “Funding Source” tab on our account, but can see it on another account.


Hey @sqreem

This forum is for Ads API related questions only. If you’re having issues with the ads.twitter.com UI, I’d suggest using the “Help?” link on the navbar.




I’m sorry for posting here but the Help? page doesn’t really, well “help”, or give that much info. And the official support account of Twitter doesn’t really respond even though they can be contacted via DM.