Unable to access analytics



We recently had a Twitter Card built for my site (draft.uk.com), however this was done by a web designer, who managed this externally, and not via my account login. Is it possible to have this transferred over (the Twitter Card is viewable via URL tweet), so access to analytics can be granted? At the moment, I’m receiving the error: “@DraftUK does not have access to Twitter Analytics” when attempting to access, and am currently unsure as to why.



Please fill a request at https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform using the third option (even if it’s for cards and not API key).


Thanks @froginthevalley.

Will this explain as to why my account (this handle) does not have access to Analytics? Since the original post, we have tried setting them up using my login information (as opposed to the web developers) - still to no avail. Is Analytics limited to certain users?


Looks like this account doesn’t yet qualify for analytics. We require more than 10 tweets/week with cards in order to gain access… the Twitter Cards dashboard won’t really be very useful with less data anyway. Hope that helps!


Thanks ever so much Buster, exactly the reason no doubt. Appreciated!