UI & API discrepancy : total budget no longer optional, preventing update of daily budget



This is occurring for us in API, as well as in the UI. It seems that when Total Budget is null, it is treated as 0. As a result, in UI as well as via API (trying to update campaigns), we seem to be unable to set a daily budget without setting a total budget as well. As might be expected, this is extremely problematic for open-ended campaigns.

I should mention, when total_budget_amount_local_micro is not set, we are unable to update daily_budget_amount_local_micro.

Anyone else having this issue?

Twitter campaign constraints for PUT calls on budget fields

Hi, @silverpop_ea.

We’re not able to reproduce those issues in the UI. We can set a daily budget without getting any errors about that value exceeding the total budget when the total budget field has been left blank.

For the API, could you please provide the series of requests and their responses, preferably using twurl?


I take it back - we were seeing this issue Friday, and it appears to have cleared up.


Not a problem. Glad this is working as expected now and sorry for the trouble you ran into on Friday.