UI age targeting does not match API age targeting



Hi! Through the API we can select multiple, disjunct, age buckets, but in the UI only the last age bucket appears.

Is this something you’re aware of? If not, could someone from the Twitter Staff pass this along to the apropriate team, please? Since this is connected to the API, I thought I might post this here.

Thank you!


Hey @majoritasdev

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’d be helpful if you could raise this issue with Sales Support, which you can access via the UI using the “Help?” link on the top right of the page.



Thanks, @imit8me! I have just raised this from the UI, like you said. :slight_smile:


@imit8me This is still an ongoing issue. Is there any update? The api allows multiple age bucket targets to be added, but the Twitter UI only displays the last age bucket. Is this a problem with the api allowing more age targets than it should OR a problem with the UI not displaying all selected age targets?


@pakrouse: Could you please share a screen shot of what you’re seeing. Not sure what you mean by “only displays the last age bucket.”

This is what we see:


@juanshishido sure thing. I’ve attached a twurl for the line item, showing 3 age bucket targets, and the associating UI view, which only shows Ages 35 to 49 selected.

Here is the twurl, for reference: twurl -H 'ads-api.twitter.com' '/1/accounts/18ce53yrq2p/targeting_criteria?line_item_id=83qu9'


I see what you mean, @pakrouse. In the UI, we only allow targeting a single age bucket, so we only support showing one bucket.


@juanshishido That behavior seems to be a bug. Is there a plan to display multiple age buckets on the UI or limit the amount of age buckets that can be sent to the API?


@pakrouse: This is as it was designed. We only allow targeting a single bucket via the UI. In the API, you can target as many age buckets as you like. In your UI, because you can make a request to the GET accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria endpoint, you can display all of the targeting values.


That approach can cause confusion for our clients, as the targeting displayed on our UI will not be reflected on the Twitter UI. Also, if changes to age targeting are made on the Twitter UI, it blows away any “hidden” age targeting that exists. Consistency is key for establishing trust on the platform. I hope you can pass this feedback along for future feature rollouts. Thanks @juanshishido


We appreciate that context, @pakrouse. We’ll pass this along to the product team that owns the Twitter Ads UI.