TypeError: t is undefined




I use Embedded Tweets for some months now, today i detected my embed don’t work and in firefox console apeears “TypeError: t is undefined” in Chrome console:
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined
at Object.r [as always] (widgets.js:8)
at Object.o [as isBucketed] (widgets.js:9)
at r (platform.twitter.com/js/tweet.43aba2666381221582ce6c3414445316.js:1)
at t. (platform.twitter.com/js/tweet.43aba2666381221582ce6c3414445316.js:1)
at t.hydrate (widgets.js:9)
at i.hydrate (widgets.js:8)
at widgets.js:8
at Array.forEach ()
at widgets.js:8

can see in http://rr.sapo.pt/teste.aspx

Anyone else with the same problem?


Yes i get the same error. Didn’t see your post so i created one as well.

The error only happens when createTweet is used in combination with twitter:widgets:autoload == off.


hello kioopi

however I managed to solve my problem, in this case it was another script that was steeping in the page that for some reason, I did not realize which, was to conflict with this one.


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