"TypeError: a is undefined" when using embedded timeline


I am getting a “TypeError: a is undefined” when using the new embedded timeline in the Firebug console. Please fix.

TypeError: a is undefined


widgets.js (line 16)


Same problem, there must be a bug in the script or something.


Same exact issue… I hope somebody in charge reads this question…


Is there an effect the error is having on the rendering of your widget or the containing page?


@episod, thanks for replying to this. I haven’t noticed anything rendering-wise, it’s just that error that keeps popping up.


I am still looking into this, but it appears to be a jQuery conflict.


I am using jQuery on the site. (And its not an option to remove it)

When IE users hit the site occasionally it will pop up a message about “There are script errors on this page do you want to debug them”

Its rather annoying and confuses many visitors.

  1. Yes it has effect on rendering as other javascript starts acting weird (sliders won’t automatically slide) and I start getting errors from other scripts as well.
  2. It’s not jQuery conflict, in fact its not conflict with anything (if I don’t count the consequence of the first error), error is present even on completely blank page like so http://pastebin.com/ayz8SeUF


I am having this same error. No rendering problems yet, but I have yet to do any browser testing. Is there any follow up on this?


It would appear that error got fixed. It’s no longer showing for me. Can somebody confirm?


Hi Xeevis,

Yes, this issue should now be resolved. There was an error buried deep in a date-formating function. Sorry about that.