Twurl not sending tweets/DMs when called from another program


Hello all,

I recently installed twurl ( ) and am using it for some testing. Unfortunately the application logs as having sent the tweets, but none get to the twitter account they’re aimed at. twurl uses a pretty standard CLI which looks like this :

/usr/local/bin/twurl -d "status=d @tethra test" /1/statuses/update.xml

Which is fine by commandline, but doesn’t work for the app that is calling the exact same line.

Pitfalls I’ve definitely avoided:

  • we’ve authed to twitter for the right user (su’d in and checked, works fine when done manually).
  • the credentials of the app are correct (again, works fine when using twurl manually)
  • the settings of the twitter app are correct (set to read/write direct messages etc)

I can provide any specific pieces of information anyone might need for extra context but for now that’s about all I can think of, context wise, but my main question is: have I missed something? Does twurl need something particular to work if it isn’t being called from somewhere it’ll have a .profile?


When you make the call from within your application, do you know what the environment of “the shell” that it has access to contains? Maybe it’s not finding the right .twurlrc configuration file because it’s not running under the right context.

By the way, twurl is meant for direct use – it’s probably not a great idea to integrate it into an application beyond just trivial command-line utilities.