TWTRTweetView with display options


Is it an idea to implement an displayoption options feature for the TWTRTweetView?

typedef NS_ENUM (NSInteger, TWTRTweetViewDisplayOptions)


Hi Sarenlnden1,

Would you mind providing us with your use case(s) so we have more context on how the display options would be useful?



Currently the TWTRTweetView only supports the share action.
I.e. if reply, add to favorites/remove and retweet would become available a user might want to use the TWTRTweetView but doesn’t want one or all of these options displayed.
Or perhaps he doesn’t want the media (images/video) or doesn’t want to display the person who tweeted (or not it image).
By enabling/disabling features in the TWTRTweetView it would become more flexible and the ‘default’ view you created might be more used.


[[TWTRTweetView alloc] initWithTweet:tweet options:HideMedia | HideUserImage | ShowFavoriteButton];

would result a view with no images (for the tweet or the poster) and with the favorite button displayed (so lets say not the retweet and reply button).

I can also understand if you have something like; let’s not do that make your own custom view for that.




Currently the TWTRTweetView only supports the share action.

I see that there are three delegate methods associated with sharing a tweet, namely:

– tweetView:willShareTweet:
– tweetView:didShareTweet:withType:
– tweetView:cancelledShareTweet:

However I’m not clear as to how to get the share button to show up on a view? Is this a custom method/button we need to place ourselves?


The share button is visible on all TWTRTweetView classes with style TWTRTweetViewStyleRegular.