TWTRTweetView text coloring inconsistency



I’m playing with the table view demo code. I get the following behavior:

  1. If you set cell.tweetView.primaryTextColor = myUIColor alone, then only the full name, nickname, “Retweeted by” and time since tweet are coloured, not the tweet text itself.
  • If I set only cell.tweetView.linkTextColor = myUIColor then only the links are coloured, as expected.
  • If I set both then all text gets coloured, as expected, but inconsistent with (1).

(1) seems like a bug.

As a feature request, I’d like to be able to colour the tweet text, ancillary text and link text all independently. TWTRTweetView has limited use as an app component without significantly more customisability. I’d simply roll my own but TWTRTweet doesn’t expose the media content of Tweets and I’m reluctant to go down that seemingly undocumented rabbit hole. :frowning:

Also is there any way to change the link colour when you click the link? For me they go bright red when clicked.


Feature requests and bugs have been noted and shared internally. Just curious, which version of Twitter Kit are you using?


Thanks that’s great. I’m on 1.15.3.