TWTRTweetView not showing all images in iOS/Swift tableView



I’ve have a TWTRTweetView in a UITableCell in a storyboard that I have connected to an IBOutlet.

I call it simply, tweetView. In one of my setters, I call:


Where tweet is obviously the tweet.

If the tweet has multiple images, I would like to show that similar to how it is done in the iOS Twitter application, i.e 4 images show up in a grid.

I am grabbing the tweets from the users_timeline REST api call:

let statusesShowEndpoint = ""
let params = ["screen_name" : twitterUser, "trim_user" : "false", "include_rts" : "true", "include_entities" : "true"]

Currently, it is only showing the first image in the set and that is the only image I see when tapping on it. Is there a setting in the API to return the grid for images?


Right now TWTRTweetViews only display a single image or video. This is a desired feature for sometime in the future but is currently not on the roadmap.


Thanks Steven. I’ll keep an eye out for this functionality in a future release.

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