TWTRTweetView low image quality



Why does TWTRTweetView seem to load any images at very low resolution? Any way to fix this? It’s unusable for me as is. Here’s some screenshots from iPhone 6s loading the same tweet…


Proper resolution, e.g. TweetBot:

Would also be great to get rid of the white border around the image.


Can you share what version of TwitterKit you’re using?


Thanks @bonnell I’m on 2.0.2.


Hi @sketch34! Thanks for following up. We fixed an issue related to this in 2.0.0. Were you using Twitter kit prior to that version being released? Can you confirm that this is impacting all images viewed through your app? Thanks!


Thanks @bonnell, yes I’ve been using twitterkit since around v1.9.0. It’s happening to every TWTRTweetView in my app.

I did notice one thing that may help track it down, but I’m not sure if it’s related. In my table view of TWTRTweetTableViewCell sometimes they also sometimes exhibit the same low quality images, but sometimes they appear good quality. But I just saw a TWTRTweetTableViewCell start out low quality, then I scrolled past it, then scrolled back to it, and it suddenly popped into high quality.

Other examples of low quality TWTRTweetView images for reference:


Hey guys, any updates on this? Here’s another example of TWTRTweetView vs TWTRTweetTableViewCell. For some reason TWTRTweetView is always displaying a low res / highly compressed version of the image. Thanks a lot.




Hey @sketch34,

No new news yet, but I’ve flagged for this the team internally.



Thanks @bonnell. Any chance of a fix in the next couple of weeks? Just need to know if I need to allocate time to fix this internally.



I’ve been doing some additional testing on this and have been seeing better results on Twitter Kit 2.0.0 and higher. Are you able to update to the latest?


I’m on 2.1.1 and was also experiencing the issue with 2.0.2.


Hey @sketch34,

I’ve been going back and forth and I think I’ve realized the discrepancy between what you’re seeing and I’m seeing. The image quality is greatly improved only on images that were created and uploaded after the fixes went live on Twitter Kit 2.0.0.