TWTRTimeLineViewController Hides Tab Bar Item Image




I’m trying to develop an iOS app using swift that has a section which draws a user’s timeline. After much work, I was able to do this but for some reason I’m having an issue with the tab bar control I’ve used and have finally zeroed down to the Fabric SDK as the culprit (maybe I’m wrong).

My layout is like this:

Tab Bar Control (2 tabs)

  1. TableViewController - has TWTRTimeLineViewController as the viewController to get a timeline
  2. Navigation View Controller - has a TableViewController that draws YouTube Channels

The problem is that (see Image) - the tab bar containing the twitter feed never displays its image or title… irrespective of it being selected or not.

I tried using a ViewController and then adding a table view to it. But that wouldn’t work because I have to adhere to the required protocols (which are handled by the TWTRTimeLineViewController) and hence the application crashes. But this way, I can at least see the tab bar item image.

Please help.

6 TWTRTimelineViewController issues

Any solutions? I’ve tried doing this in a fresh project and added a TWTRTimelineViewController as a ViewController and the issue occurs even when there’s no code in the file. The mere reference is causing the issue.


Hey @mhmmdmz How did you get the timeline not to go under your status bar?


Use a navigation control between the two.


So between your TabBarController and your TableViewController

  1. Did you unchecked the “show navigationBar” on the UINavigationController right
  2. Didn’t that solve your TabBarItem disappearing issue?
  3. Why did you use a UITableViewController?
    Couldn’t you just have

UITabBarController -> UINavigationController -> UIViewController

and assign the UIViewController to your TWTRTimelineViewController class


I did. Doesn’t work.

I am using a uitableviewcontroller.

The only solution I found was to use a navigation controller in between.


Read my comment again.

if you added a UINavigationController between your UITabBarController and your UITableViewController your issue would be solved

UITabBarController -> UINavigationController -> UITableViewController

It works for me


Yes the navigation controller (as you suggested also) works well. If you remove the uinavigationcontroller it doesn’t work.

So that layer is required for it to work.


So even with a UINavigationBar in between, my timeline goes under the status bar


Not the navigation bar… Navigation controller. And you can keep it translucent this way.


I also encountered with the same problem, and solved it with Container View. Just create a container view and put this view as a view for uitabbarcontroller, then use twitter view inside of the container view. UITabbarController -> UIViewController -> ContainerView(Container View’s view will be your twitter view)


Thats no longer necessary as this should have been fixed in 1.10.0

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