TWTRTimelineViewController callback




By using TWTRTimelineViewController is there a way to setup a callback for TWTRUserTimelineDataSource so when the datasource is being loaded with success a progress dialog to be dismissed?



Thanks for the report. Just to clarify, you are wanting this for the initial load to display a loading spinner above the table? Or in the status bar?


This would be really useful. I’m very conscious about the dataSource failing, and then my users are left with a blank screen and no information. How are developers expected to handle this scenario? Is there anything in the SDK we can use?


Has this been resolved yet ? I’m stuck in a similar screen now, with no tweets loading and no feedback to user to tell something failed.


@sridharcse It would be good to hear when this is happening in your app - is this an initial load, in the status bar or someplace else?


Finally figured this out. I had to call a ‘refresh’. To be more descriptive and helpful for somebody else, here’s what I’m doing.

  • When tapped on Social feeds button our app takes a user to a multiple categories of social feeds including Twitter
  • Twitter feed is integrated as a child view controller
  • The Twitter feed refreshes only on a ‘Pull down to refresh action’

However this can be programmatically done by using refresh method on the TWTRTimelineViewController’s class.


Thanks for sharing!