TWTRTimelineCursor.h not found


I screwed up and didn’t add some files from Twitterkit.framework to my XCode source control. I did a merge and now when I try to build, I’m getting a message “Could not build module TwitterKit” and another message that specific files from TwitterKit are not found. I can’t find these files anywhere on my local computer, so apparently I’ve managed to delete them somehow. I’ve been able to download some and manually add them to the Twitterkit.framework folder, but I can’t find TWTRTimelineCursor.h anywhere. Is there a way to get this file, or is there a way to have Fabric/TwitterKit add those files for me even though I can’t build my project right now?


You can grab a direct download of the Twitter Kit framework from the manual installation instructions page here; probably try dropping that over the top of your corrupted version to make sure you catch everything:



That solved my problem, thanks very much Ben!