TWTRSearchTimelineDataSource doesn't display same as Twitter search




I am creating app for some event that we are hosting. Inside the app, I would like to display tweets with event hashtag. Here is the code that I use for showing tweets by hashtag:

import Foundation
import UIKit
import TwitterKit

class TwitterViewController: TWTRTimelineViewController
    override func viewDidLoad()

        let client = TWTRAPIClient()
        self.dataSource = TWTRSearchTimelineDataSource(searchQuery: "#RACmedvinogradi", APIClient: client)

Problem is that I don’t get any tweets to show up, but if I search with Twitter inside the browser I get all the tweets. Also when I change hashtag, to let’s say #test, tweets show up. What is the problem? Is that this hashtag is not popular enough or there is not enough tweets?


The search timeline data source uses the search/tweets public API endpoint to return a list of Tweets matching a given search query.

The API provides a sampling of Tweets. Creating a new account and posting Tweets only about this hashtag might not be included in the search index and returned via the API.

The Gnip 30-day search index provides more complete coverage for enterprise customers.