[TWTRGuestSessionManager] Your app may not be enabled for guest authentication


I am implementing fabric SDK for sharing content on twitter. After following steps give n by fabic, i can share info to twitter but i am always getting a warning to my xcode console.

Please check this warning

Guest authentication failed: Error Domain=TwitterAPIErrorDomain Code=200 “Request failed: forbidden (403)” UserInfo=0x7ba47ba0 {NSLocalizedFailureReason=Twitter API error : Forbidden. (code 200), NSErrorFailingURLKey=https://api.twitter.com/1.1/guest/activate.json, NSLocalizedDescription=Request failed: forbidden (403)}

[TWTRGuestSessionManager] Your app may not be enabled for guest authentication. Please contact support@fabric.io to upgrade your consumer key.

Please let me knw how to resolve this issue.


Are you using an API key generated from the Twitter Developer website or the Fabric Sample App?


Yes, i am using Fabric sample App code for my app.

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