TWTRComposer Video Support



Please add video upload support to TWTRComposer.


This is within the TWTRAPIClient - check out more info here.


Thanks but I’m looking for video support in the TWTRComposer / SLComposeViewController, so users get to have account switching, auto-complete @/#, geo tagging without having to recode that view. Is there some way to pass the media_id to the TWTRComposer that I’m missing?


This isn’t available at the moment, but we will certainly make sure it is on our list for potential future additions.


+1 for this I just logged in to post about this as well. I just finished building an app and the user needs to be able to share their video. I got excited when using the UIActivityViewController because if you attach the video’s local URL it’ll place a thumbnail in the TWTRComposer, but when you actually share it it just shares the URL text.

I had to create my own custom Twitter share modal so the user could upload their video via the REST API, but I’ve lost out on some of the great composer features like auto-completing/suggesting twitter handles.

Maybe we could reach a middle ground where I could still upload the user’s video via the REST API, and attach the returned media ID to the TWTRComposer?

Anyways glad to see you guys are active and listening in these forums. We really appreciate it.



Any update on this request? It looks like TWTRComposer is still missing video attachments, right? Is Twitter still interested in video at all?


Hi! We’re very much still interested in video :wink: And we’re aware of the limitations of the composer today. I’m afraid there’s nothing more to share about that that, but it remains on our backlog to make improvements to it.


Still very interested here too. I think that without this feature twitter is missing out on original content.