TWTRcomposer() Only directs user to Twitter app for access



Hi everyone, When I try to compose a Tweet using the below code, the composer does not populate the view, however I am redirected to my Twitter App and and it asks for permission to Connect to your account, Upon tapping the connect button I am directed back to my App but No Composer populates the view to compose a tweet. I am baffled as to why this is happening. Any thoughts on this ? My permissions are ‘read and write’ I tried this without a callback url and with the URL as well nothing is changing.
Please help… :slight_smile:

 let composer = TWTRComposer()

        composer.setText("just setting up my Twitter Kit")
        composer.setImage(UIImage(named: "twitterkit"))

        // Called from a UIViewController self) { (result) in
            if (result == .done) {
            print("Successfully composed Tweet")
            } else {
            print("Cancelled composing")