TWTRComposer dismisses automatically within 15 seconds



I am using the the latest Twitter 2.4.0 provided by Fabric. The TWTRComposer dismisses automatically within 15 seconds after being presented, with the following log in the console:

[1598:207673] plugin interrupted
[1598:207084] plugin invalidated
[1598:206158] viewServiceDidTerminateWithError:: Error Domain=_UIViewServiceInterfaceErrorDomain Code=3 “(null)” UserInfo={Message=Service Connection Interrupted}
[1598:206158] Tweet composition cancelled.

This is how the TWTRComposer is presented:

            TWTRComposer *composer = [[TWTRComposer alloc] init];
            [composer setText:trimmedText];
            [composer setURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]];

            [composer showFromViewController:APP_DELEGATE.viewController completion:^(TWTRComposerResult result) {
                NSString *msg,*msgTitle;
                if (result == TWTRComposerResultCancelled) {
                    NSLog(@"Tweet composition cancelled");
                else {
                    NSLog(@"Sending Tweet!");


Thanks for reporting this @awaazrobo, I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet. If you switch to Twitter 2.3.0 does it happen or in a sample project?

If you’d be willing to share more of your code where you’re presenting TWTRComposer that might also help me repro it or figure out what’s happening.



I had the same problem sharing an NSURL from the UIActivityViewController instead of TWTRComposer. I passed the absoluteString of the NSURL instead of the NSURL and it worked. It is not the exact same problem, but maybe this will help you.


Hello Mike Thanks for your response. Yes I am using the latest Twitter 2.4.0, . This is not happening in simulator, but happens in device.

Steps to Reproduce:
1)Open the attached sample app.
2)Tap on “Share The News” button, which will present the tweet composer.
3)Wait for 15- 30 seconds, without tapping on anything in the app.
4) The tweet composer gets dismissed automatically

Expected Results:
The tweet composer should not dismiss unless we tap on cancel or post button on the tweet composer.

Actual Results:
In most cases tweet composer dismisses automatically without any user response

iOS 9.0 , iOS 9.3.3

This can be reproduces 3 out of 5 times

iPhone 5c 16GB, using Wifi


Thanks for the reply , but absolute string is not solving my issue.


Thanks @awaazrobo - I’m not seeing the attachment unfortunately. Can you resend the link?



Hai mike,
Pls find the link of the sample app. The steps mentioned above will replicate the issue:



Is there any update on this issue? I am seeing similar… The composer dismisses after a nunber of seconds.
Sharing a string works. Sharing an NSURL causes the issue to occur.


We’re seeing the same issue. TWTRComposer() closes 2-3 seconds after .show() when sharing a url.

Worth noting it works the FIRST time you try to share a specific url. But if you try to share the same url again we see the issue.


I’m having this issue too. I’m not technically using TwitterKit, I’m just using the system UIActivityViewController. But if I try to share a url to Twitter, I have the same result as the others, above. Note that if I test my link using Twitter’s Card Validator ( it works as expected. I’ll paste the relevant logs here:

[core] Finished setting up remote view controller
[core] SLRemoteComposeViewController: (this may be harmless) viewServiceDidTerminateWithError: Error ll)" UserInfo={Message=Service Connection Interrupted}
viewServiceDidTerminateWithError:: Error Domain=_UIViewServiceInterfaceErrorDomain Code=3 "(null)" 
[core] SLComposeViewController remoteViewController: <SLRemoteComposeViewController: 0x102029c00> didTerminateWithError: 3 "(null)" UserInfo={Message=Service Connection Interrupted}
[core] SLComposeViewController completeWithResult: 0
[core] SLComposeViewController skipping explicit dismiss because isBeingDismissed is already 1
[core] SLComposeViewController dealloc <SLComposeViewController: 0x101df18f0>

This is under iOS 10.3.1, any device: apparently this issue has persisted for quite a long time. Has any workaround emerged, after all this time?