TWTRCardConfiguration.h file not found



I moved my project to another folder and it was working perfectly for several days but suddenly today the project won’t compile and the error message says: “TWTRCardConfiguration.h file not found.”

I tried to re-install Twitter by clicking on the Twitter Icon in Fabric app for Mac then build my project, but that didn’t solve it (Couldn’t get past the message: Please build it now by pressing cmd + b) . Also removing the build script didn’t work too


I was able to solve the problem by copying this file from an old project but now I ended up with this error : “[TwitterKit] initWithScreenName:userID:APIClient:maxTweetsPerRequest:includeReplies:includeRetweets: Invalid parameter not satisfying: client”

This is my code:

   let client = TWTRAPIClient()

    self.dataSource = TWTRUserTimelineDataSource(screenName: "xxxx",
                                                 userID: nil,
                                                 apiClient: client,
                                                 maxTweetsPerRequest: 30,
                                                 includeReplies: false,
                                                 includeRetweets: false)

Is it because I have two copies of the same project both sharing same fabric account ?


Did you get it to work? The error seems to suggest that the client variable is nil. Can you set a breakpoint and see?