TWTR Widget and OAuth


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I am a little confused right about this ( announcement. We host a site for a large customer ( and do use a twiiter-widget on it to follow their twitter-account and display the results to page-visitors ( it’s the “Sustainable Tweets” Box.
It is created via the TWTR-Javascript (integrated by a co-worker of mine; it says “twitter-text-js 1.4.10” in the header). My problem: The above mentioned announcement sounds like “from version 1.1, you can use twitter only when you are authenticated”. But I don’t find any mention of how to do an authentication with this widget.
Some Forum (like stackoverflow) even say that the authentication is only needed for API Calls, not for a widget like we use.

Can you help me or give me additional information about Widgets and Authentication? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Christian,

Those widgets have been deprecated also and will cease functioning come March 2012. We’re offering a new set of widgets that have a different implementation handling authentication issues as well as solving the rate limiting problems that were problematic in the older widgets. Right now there’s no means to programmatically create these widgets. You can read more about them here: [node:10248]


i want to tweet text and image from my website by using twitter api how can i do it?


i cant post picks wats going on keep getging error messagees about apQ wjere is the UPDATE HOW DO I UPDATE


Tweets about “#Bulgaria”



I have issue for the twitter image within the firefox browser. my company image is not loading near to the tweet. Its happening only in firefox.If i reload the frame then its loading the image, but the issue is for the first time its not loading the image. Any idea to solve this issue ?