Two-week old Hashtag not showing posts


I am embedding hasthag timeline into a website, but we just seem to have lost all our posts from less than two weeks ago, and only two posts are now showing up. Anything we can do to show the previous posts with that hashtag?


new posts not showing up either. only some - very few.


The results returned by the widgets are not exhaustive – nor are the results returned on or other representations of Search. Search results are generally limited to about a week’s worth of tweets and the indexing is somewhat algorithmically selective.

Of all the search interfaces, the widgets are the most likely to omit tweets in its quest to returning results that are appropriate for public display. If you’re using the “safe” setting when configuring the widget, this is even more true.

I think you’ll find that the kind of results and perspective of relevance with the widgets change over time. While it may be being more conservative in what it will display right now, in the future you may find it more liberal.

If you’re interested in having a bit more control over your destiny, I would recommend building-your-own tweet display based on matching tweets you’ve collected with the Streaming API or Search API.