Two people have listed me more than 12 hours ago, I blocked them and they still have my twitter site on their list


I have reported this issue before and it was corrected. But this time after 12 hours two people are still connected to my page after I have blocked them for listing me.

Their user names are @allanimalrights @miguelmcminn

What I am keen to know is this, who has the authority to overwrite your twitter program function. Which other website has the authority to overwrite my block button? This cannot be good, it clearly shows others have access to your twitter program to do as they wish.

Why not offer us a question like: Do you allow people to list your page? and allow us to tick a Yes or No box. I don’t want anyone who just lists me, it is rude to list anyone without asking their permission first That is akin to walking in my home unwelcome and going through my draws without my permission.

After all who does my page belong to? I will not be tweeting until those lists are removed.