Two accounts in one time line. it is possible?


is there any possibility to create time line like conversation between two accounts?
for example:
A: hello… how are you?
B: I’m fine thankyou…
A: are you okay?
B: not so sure…

just like that in one time line, anyone can help me?



You could fetch the reply’s from 1 tweet and look at the timestamp to order them, then just use the user information who is user A, B, C, etc.


thankyou for your reply. but can you help me for the tutorial or something, which discuss about the fetching? *I’m so new in API, still learning for now :slight_smile:


You are wellcome!


If you’re new in the API I suggest you use Twitter Library’s, this makes working with the Twitter API a lot easier.

In what language does the code need to be? if its PHP I can give you a bit of code when I have some spare time.


Sorry for late to reply :slight_smile:
Okay, I’ll use the library’s for the bigining as your suggest :slight_smile:
I use PHP (amateur) for some , but I also learn joomla a few days ago (very beginer :smiley: ) . Would be greatfull of thank if you can give me some example code in your spare time

thankyou. cheers…


When the release of mysocialsync (16th of august) is finished I’ll have some spare time, I’ll have a look into it then :wink:

Im not familiar with the Joomla Code, so you’ll have to integrate that yourself if you want it.

Just to be clear about the code:
Do you want to get a talk history from the users who participated when you click on a tweet?


I would love to be with someone to talk back and foth but how do you get that? How do you know if someone wants that to?i dont want to infringe upon their privacy


having trouble starting api dont get the copy paste on new lap top not very computer savvy is there better way i just believe api is for twitter and not for the nedia am i correct?


August 16th is great, I’d love to wait until that date :slight_smile: . please send me an email ( or just mention me on your tweet when you are ready.

Joomla is my secondary purpose after, it should be more time for me to learn and practice :D.

about the code:
I just want to show two accounts which is mine, in one Timeline. So it just like some conversation based on tweet post, like an example in my vey first post :slight_smile:


for this case, I’ve manage that two accounts. So I’ll never infringe another peoples privacy :). I just wanna make it like an conversations :smiley:


I’m so sorry. I’m afraid that I don’t get your point. please tell me more the detail :slight_smile:


I’ll send you an email when its finished :slight_smile: please keep in mind its rather the 17th I will finish it instead of the 16th.


euhm… wait… what?


Sorry, friend, I live in Venezuela, and I don’t know speak English very well…


neither do I… :slight_smile: I’m an Indonesian…
just trying some question, and someone will try to get your point…



okay, I’ll wait your email. I Believe that you are in a rush to finish the project… :slight_smile:


Hi, I speak spanish my fried what can i do for u

En que puedo ayudarte


a little update, Im almost finished with your script, was a little buzy lately.


Update, I finished it, let me know if there is anything wrong with it and I’ll try to fix it.

You can find it here: