twitterWidget issues in chrome when using CSS columns


doing a masonry-like layout with embedded tweets (tweets stacked in columns).

when using CSS columns, some of the content* within SOME** embedded tweet doesn’t render in chrome. it seems to work as expected in firefox. haven’t checked IE.

related image, twitter handle, twitter name

does now show:
twitter avatar, tweet body, time/ date, user reactions

**haven’t tested extensively, but and first glance, it seems tweets with related videos render fine, but tweets with related images have issues.

With otherwise identical code, switching to flexbox + flex-direction: column seems to resolve the issue.

Im able to move forward with flexbox, but thought you guys might want to be aware of the issue.

here is a fiddle:


after a bit more research, im pretty sure this is a chrome issue - but perhaps there is a way to work around the issue from the twitter side?

i noticed that the following CSS:
.twitter-tweet { transform: none !important }

will partially resolve the issue. the user avatar disappears, but all the other content is rendered correctly.


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