TwitterView image quality issues on iPhone and iPad


Hey guys,

I have some issues with the implementation of TwitterView. I implemented a TwitterView in one of my iOS app called “Vivienne Balla Photography”. Link:

On iPhone it works well in terms of functionality, but the image quality is really bad. Please have a look at the attached image where I put together two screenshots with my TwitterView implementation and the “original” content on Twitter. (Check on 100%)

On iPhone it’s not really annoying, but on iPad it looks really bad. Have a look at the other full size screenshot (from my iPad Air). Each post has a huge margin on the top and bottom, the image aspect ratio is not correct (cropped images) and the image quality is bad.

I don’t know what am I doing wrong. I followed the guidelines on and it was super easy. I though there is a “high-res” parameter or something, but no.

I would really appreciate your help and looking forward for other kits from Fabric.
Please let me know if you need more infos from my side.


Hey @megatomi,

I can’t see or find your attached image, can you reshare that?



Uploaded :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks @megatomi. I could reproduce the issue where an image does look lower quality on a Retina device. We’ve got plans to improve this and I’ll update this post when we do!



That’s great news Mike! Also don’t forget about the iPad layout rendering issues (cropped images, huge gaps between the posts). Thank you in advance. - Tamas


Thanks Tamas.

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