TwitterVB error


We are using twitterVB API for managing our tweets from our web application, so far everything was running smoothly until today it started throwing the below error.

LinkClicked Error:Exception of type ‘TwitterAPIException’ was thrown.
at TwitterVB2.TwitterOAuth.WebRequest(Method RequestMethod, String Url, String PostData) at TwitterVB2.TwitterOAuth.OAuthWebRequest(Method RequestMethod, String url, String PostData) at TwitterVB2.TwitterOAuth.GetAuthenticationLink() at TwitterVB2.TwitterAPI.GetAuthenticationLink(String ConsumerKey, String ConsumerKeySecret, String CallbackUrl) at WatanLiveNews.ArticleManage.lnkAddToTwitter_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)


try get the source code and change http: to https:. There may be breaking changes coming but that worked for us

this is because internally twitter pushes a redirect to https which invalidates the hash as the hash was calculated on http