Twitter's servlet container


Twitter uses loads of java script. So, what sort of servlet container the Twitter is using?.


Just because a site uses Javascript doesn’t imply that it runs servlets. In fact, Javascript has practically nothing to do with Java, despite the name similarities.


Ok so based on your knowledge, there is no use of servlet container here?. The reason I’m asking this is I’m coding javascript and put them as a WAR file in a servlet container (Tomcat). Thats why I was wondering how Twitter is doing this, as I have problem with Tomcat on daily basis!


Twitter’s infrastructure is very specialized and spans multiple technologies and programming languages. If your intent is to debug your Tomcat deployment, there are probably a lot of general-purpose tutorials and documentation on the web which will help. I doubt knowing about Twitter’s infrastructure would help you with your own service.


As the number of programming languages goes, I dont think it extend more than general available languages (AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, RUBY, etc.). So the art of Twitter lays on the container and the interaction with the database.
All I want to know what type of container Twitter is using :-).
There should be a container, they just don’t simply dump files in different folders!


Twitter is so large that it doesn’t work like a conventional website. There isn’t a servlet container in the way you’re expecting there to be one. If you’re really interested in the way the system is built, here’s a blogpost with a bunch of links to documents describing some of the technology which allows it to scale to millions of users:

Twitter open sources some important parts of its infrastructure. You can find such projects here: