Twitters ads api basic level access


I need to access 6 twitter accounts so I created 6 different developer application to get access.Since I need oauth token more than 5 I am trying to apply for a basic level access…

When I tried to do that , I get a error message as “Your App ID does not match email we have on record”

I am using the email address which I used to apply for developer access with the app id

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Hi siva,

I just wanted to know if you’ve resolved this issue or not. I’m also getting the same issue. I’ve even tried to fill the developer access form but after submitting there is no conformation mail from twitter.



@sivaarasu2 @ILoveLakme I’m not sure what’s causing this just yet, but we’ll look into it. Thanks for your patience.



Please make sure you are using the exact email address from your initial application. The address was from a domain. If that email address is paired with your app id, you should be granted access to the application form. I just validated this with your email/appid, and it worked. Let me know if you continue to have issues.





I havent resolved this issue yet.But let me reconfirm my email address and app ID’s as per Michael suggestion