TwitterKit's session store retains sessions even after re-install application




I’m observing the following behavior:

I allow users to authenticate with [Twitter sharedInstance] logInWithMethods:TWTRLoginMethodWebBasedLogin completionHandler:...

Then if user deletes the app and installs it again, [Twitter sharedInstance].sessionStore.session still returns the last session. Is that expected? If so, is there way to avoid such a behavior?



Hey @grigorye,

Yep, expected and you can control how sessions are managed including logging out users. More information on how to do this is here:


Well, I understand that I can logout user (and actually support it). What looks strange to me is that the application is not reset to a clean (non logged in) state when user deletes it and installs it again (and that there’s no way to avoid such an behaviour). We do support authenticating with Facebook, Twitter and etc., and at first glance it’s just Twitter that experiences this behaviour - all other “authentication providers” are “reset/logged out” on application re-install.

Anyway, thanks for clarification!


Anytime and happy coding!