TwitterKit vs iOS 7: A crash report with doesNotRecognizeSelector



Hello, just reporting a crash log received from Crashlytics:

Thread : Fatal Exception: NSInvalidArgumentException
0 CoreFoundation 0x30353f83 __exceptionPreprocess
1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x3ab04ccf objc_exception_throw
2 CoreFoundation 0x30357917 -[NSObject(NSObject) doesNotRecognizeSelector:]
3 CoreFoundation 0x30356203 forwarding
4 CoreFoundation 0x302a5768 _CF_forwarding_prep_0
5 App 0x001d2b93 +[TWTRGCOAuth isMultipartFormRequest:]
6 App 0x001d2293 +[TWTRGCOAuth URLRequestFromRequest:consumerKey:consumerSecret:accessToken:tokenSecret:]
7 App 0x001d0d55 +[TWTROAuth1aAuthRequestSigner signedURLRequest:authConfig:session:]
8 App 0x001bd841 +[TWTRUserAuthRequestSigner signedURLRequest:authConfig:session:]
9 App 0x001c1a49 -[TWTRUserRequestSigningOperation signRequest:]
10 App 0x001c1467 -[TWTRRequestSigningOperation main]

According to Fabric docs, Twitter Kit supports iOS 7.0, but the containsString: method was only added in iOS 8

The build contains:
Fabric 1.5.1
Twitter 1.10.0


Thanks for the report - the team is going to look into this.

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