TwitterKit shows only the first line of the tweet



I found a bug on TwitterKit that doesn’t show all the lines of the tweet when you don’t change line(Using Enter on your keyboard), and it shows only the first line.

For on the app with TwitterKit is like:
Screenshot at Jan 04 17-21-36

But on twitter it’s like this:
Screenshot at Jan 04 17-21-54


Already reported (but never a solution until the elves wake up)


Twitter Kit for iOS is now open source on GitHub if you’d like to investigate your own solutions. I think there may be some relevant Pull Requests already.


Yes, I do see a likely fix (commit 2fbe8f5 to TWTRSETweetTextViewContainer.m) but that’s private API. How can I use that to fix my application? Unless I can fix the bug that way, I would like to revert to a previous version of Twitterkit. Can you help me find that information?


Can somebody merge the commit 2fbe8f5 on github? It’s a major issue and we can’t use the library from our forks with that commit merged because TwitterKit doesn’t support that.