TwitterKit (iOS) dismisses app’s top viewcontroller unexpectedly



TwitterKit (iOS) v1.10.0+ dissmisses app’s top viewcontroller unexpectedly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Deny app’s request to access Twitter accounts (or Remove all accounts from the iOS device.)
  2. Turn “Airplane Mode” on.
  3. Invoke -[Twitter logInWithCompletion:]

Why TwitterKit (iOS) dismisses app's top viewcontroller unexpectedly issue was closed? Seems not fixed yet…

TwitterKit is dismissing callee controller in airplane mode

Are you able to reproduce the issue on the latest version of Twitter Kit for iOS: 1.15.1? Big fixes from the past five months are included in that release along with feature improvements, especially on iOS 9.


Hi @niall.
Yes. It seems not be fixed on v1.15.1 (checked on both iOS8 and 9).


We are seeing this issue on v1.15.1 too.

Also able to reproduce something similar with airplane mode turned off, when a user has selected “Remember Me”. If the user presses cancel on the login web view before it has finished loading, the webview will correctly be dismissed, but then the app’s top view controller is also dismissed shortly after. The logInWithCompletion: completion callback block gets called twice.


@niall Any progress on this yet?