TwitterKit crashes on launch from time to time after updating to 1.5.1


Not tested on real devices, but TwitterKit crashes on launch frequently (about 1 in 2-3 launches).
Here’s the screenshot of callstack when it crashed.

Anybody experience similar symptom?


Could you time how long this takes before it crashes? I just launch your app and wait 90 seconds, does it crash every time?


Also, do you have the “All Objective-C Exeptions” breakpoint turned on? Core Data uses exceptions internally as part of its normal operation. It’s very frustrating because it gets caught in that breakpoint but is caught internally and so isn’t actually crashing. Here’s more info about that particular case:

There’s also a small chance that that is what you are seeing.


I wrote that it doesn’t crash if I call [Fabric with:@[TwitterKit, CrashlyticsKit]] instead of [Fabric with:@[TwitterKit, CrashlyticsKit]], but I had to take that back because it crashed again even with TwitterKit in front of CrashlyticsKit.

I’m calling [Fabric with:…] from didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: in my app delegate.
So when it crashes, it crashes immediately after launch. If not, no matter how long I wait, it does not crash at all.

I also use Core Data in my app a lot, and it never gave me trouble like this.
But it does look like just a breakpoint as you suggested in second reply, because I keep pressing run button (three times), app just runs as usual, even though I have no idea whether something broken internally in TwitterKit or not.
Again, it didn’t happen until I updated to TwitterKit 1.5.1.