TwitterKit crash on startup for iOS9



App crashes on startup with TwitterKit + TwitterCore + Farbic
Pod file looks like following:
pod 'Fabric’
pod 'TwitterKit’
pod ‘TwitterCore’

Both TwitterKit and TwitterCore have updated to latest version:
Installing TwitterCore (1.13.1)
Installing TwitterKit (1.13.1)

Removing the library fixed the crash. Can someone look into this ASAP? Waiting the fix to publish our iOS app. Thanks


Can you please provide some logs or add a breakpoint to see where it’s crashing? How is the project set up? Do you have the TwitterKit resources bundle in your project?


Thanks for response. The only log I have is:
+[CATransaction synchronize] called within transaction
libc++abi.dylib: terminate_handler unexpectedly threw an exception

Just double checked that TwitterKit resource bundle is installed under Pods.

It gets crashed right from the beginning before it hits anything in AppDelegate. Also, the crash only happens for iOS9. iOS8.1 works fine. I just noticed in the change log that 1.13.1 fixed a crash issue when there is no login user. Maybe the fix still doesn’t work for iOS9? My app does not require user login.


What else are you doing in the AppDelegate applicationDidFinishLaunchingWithOptions? Is it possible for you to send us a sample project with the crash?