TwitterKit 3.0 and Twitter accounts registed in iOS settings


So TwitterKit updated to 3.0 and TWTRLoginMethod / Twitter accounts registered in iOS settings seems to be gone. Are there any news about this, anywhere? It looks like the only option is to use web/Twitter app login, which is a clear step down in UX.

Here is my cross post: :cowboy_hat_face:


Twitter Kit no longer supports using system accounts directly.

The new Twitter App login will allow users to seamlessly use any session from their mobile Twitter app, and the SFSafariViewController based login will allow users to use logged-in sessions from Mobile Safari. These log in flows also allow users to view permissions that the app is requesting.

Thank you for your question, and we apologize for any frustration that this may cause.


OK I see.

With the Twitter app installed, using an account, the login flow sends us to the Twitter app, shows a confirmation dialog for the app at, then sends us back to our app. Not too bad. Previously there was never any details concerning the app at

Still I think most people would prefer to use the system accounts. Me included. I really hate to input user/pw suddenly, 99% of users already entered those into iOS settings. On the whole I guess people will engage less with Twitter through 3rd party iOS apps from this because of the added friction. The latest 2.x line of TwitterKit worked very seemlessly.

If the reason for all of this is to show the details (permissions etc) of the app, you could as well bake that confirmation screen into the TwitterKit framework and allow us to show it on top of the current view controller?