Twitterkit 3.0.3 login - persist user login on subsequent launches



Login works fine, but I had to login every time my app was launched. I assume there is a way to login once, then the app can always remember. I saved the authToken and Secret locally after the first login, then used: Twitter.sharedInstance().sessionStore.saveSession
on subsequent launches. This seems to work fine. But is this the way it is intended to remember the user?


I think I remember seeing this issue also, sometime back in June, but I do not currently see it.

Background: I am currently testing all possible “upgrade patterns” I can think of. We support iOS 9, 10 and (soon) 11 so I want to make sure that the UX is as smooth as possible when going from twitterkit lib 2 to 3 with the new app version (release date not set yet). The patterns I test, on top of the iOS versions, are if user linked the iOS app to our Twitter app or not, if Twitter app is installed or not… this makes quite a few discretely different cases for testing.
So far I’ve tested iOS 9 and haven’t seen the above problem. Will post back if I see anything.


I’ve tested across iOS 9/10/11(beta 4) now and have not ran into any problem like this.

The only problem existing is when the library fails to contact Twitter servers, or similar, and no error is reported back. This problem is reported in another thread. Twitterkit lib 3.0.3.