TwitterKit 3.0.2 for iOS: invisible buttons in TWTRComposerViewController



Hi there.
I’m trying to show TWTRComposerViewController with this code:

let composer = TWTRComposerViewController(initialText: "Hello world", image: nil, videoURL: nil)
self.present(composer, animated: true, completion: nil)

And here’s result:

What am I doing wrong?


How did you install Twitter Kit 3.0.2 (CocoaPods or manual install)? What locale is your device set to?


If you could share a minimal example project that reproduces this issue I could look into it further.


I’m seeing same issue. I did not use CocoaPods. Don’t have minimal example but will try if I have time


I faced the same issue. Please check if your tintColor is the same as the backgroundColor of TWTRComposerViewController’s view (white). That is what my it was for me.


Yes, that’s it. Thanks :slight_smile: