TwitterCore is not a dylib warning and "_OBJC_CLASS_$_TWTRSession" issue?


Hi there,

I recently try to create a sample app using the recent TwitterKit. I juste have a view controller yet with just the login method, so I want to use TwitterKit installed manually, drag and drop the content of zip file into the root project (so making sure that copy if needed is checked)

And create a bridging header, make sure the framework search path is good, and when I build I have this error :

Anyone encountered this problem ? (I think the cause is this message particularly)

TwitterCore.framework/TwitterCore is not a dylib

Thanks in advance for your answer


It looks like it was just a problem with target, strange behaviour with Xcode


I’ve currently got the exact same problem… how did you resolve this?


Just check the name of your app on the right panel to make the framework target it